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Bad Girls Don't Die.....
By: Ices

-arizona desert-

Usagi sat on the trunk of her car listening as the muffles from within died down. Her left arm bleed rapidly from a bullet wound as she looked to her two bestfriends Cel and Ices. Ices had a preditory look in her green eyes as she also listened to the muffled gasping for air. While Cel on the other hand seemed to be counting under her breath. She glanced from Ices who had emerald hued eyes and small wire rimmed glasses perched on her nose to Usagi who looked as she had always looked... a golden goddess turned demon. She had beautiful blue eyes that seemed to be missing that certiant spark that let people know that there was someone home upstairs and that they wouldn't eat your children.

"Don't you think that you should let him out now?" Cel asked in a calm voice that she normaly used to talk her two friends into getting them into more trouble than they normaly were.

Usagi and Ices sighed heavily as Usagi slid from the trunk of the black convertable and opened, it looking down into the sweat drenched face of their quary. Silver eyes stared back at Blue,Green, and Brown. The man struggled to swallow as he worked moisture back into his mouth.

" Why don't you guys die?" he asked in a rasping voice.

Cel who looked to be the most conservative of the group which she was let her true sefl shine from her brown eyes.

"Its simple..." she started smiling impishly at the man.

Usagi and Ices looked to eachother and Usagi said as she hauled the man from the trunk and dropped him onto the ground, "Bad girls don't die."

The three friends climbed into the car and sped off, spraying dust and pebbles at the man who stared with murderious intent at the retreating car and its occupants.....