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Bad Girls don't Die
By Ices

Chapter one

-Tokyo Japan-

" I'll see you tomorrow in class." Usagi called as she waved to her friend Naru as the parted ways, she was happy. For once everything was going how she wanted it to. She was in collage engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. And would be married some time the next year, yes her life was doing great. Her heart jumped when she saw the tall dark haired man emerge from the arcade. The preseance of Mamoru Chiba made her breath catch in her throat every time she saw him, it had been so ever since she had been in junior high. Now a collage senior just the site of him made her body clench and her heart and breath speed up.

"Hey Usako..." Mamoru said looking at her through the black lenses of his sun glasses. " We umm we need to talk."

Usagi tilted her head to the side then nodded a small frown playing over her lips, Mamoru seemed nervous about something. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and smiled slightly down at her as she snuggled into his side as they walked. They headed into the park across the street, a place that held so many memories for them. Where they had spent so much time with their friends. She smiled softly, where they had shared their first kiss. Mamoru led her to a bench and sat her down kneeling infront of her taking both of her hands in his looking at the gentle bone structure and how well they fit into his. He rolled his eyes up so he could look at her over his sunglasses,

"Usako..." he paused then took a deep breath and dropped her hands like they had burned him and stood turning his back on her. "Usako I'm leaving Tokyo... I don't know if I will come back. I think...." he paused again and took a shuddering breath as if he were trying to hold back tears then continued. " I think it would be best if you just forgot about me. It would be best for us both." He didn't wait for a reaction or response just walked off his head bowed and had Usagi not been so utterly heartbroken she might of heard Mamoru's own sobs of sadness.

Usagi didn't know how long she sat staring at the lake, tears falling silently from her eyes. But soon her sorrow turned to anger then to straight fury and she shrugged off the lurking ache in her heart as she pulled the emerald engagement ring from her finger and stood drawing her hand back to throw it into the water. Something stopped her though and she pulled the necklace that Mamoru had given her off and slipped the ring onto it before replacing the clasp and tucking the necklace and ring under her shirt. A reminder that men were pigs and couldn't be trusted. She looked around the park then turned and made her way toward the apartment she shared with Minako, she was leaving. There was nothing left in Tokyo for her, she didn't know where she was going but she needed to get away for a while.

She moved into the apartment and looked at the spotless rooms she had become a perfectionist at some point in her life, she planned to change that. She knew somewhere in her heart it had been so that when she and Mamoru were married she would be able to keep their home clean. Her breath caught at the thought of Mamoru and tears threatened but she shook them off and grabbed the memo pad she and Minako left by the phone. She scrawled two lines on the top sheet that read.

' Mina,

I'm leaving...don't try to find me. I don't know if I'm coming back.


Then she went into her room refusing to look at the numerous pictures of her and Mamoru with the gang as she packed a small bag and grabbed her purse tucking her passport and ID into it before turning and walking out of the appartment once more glancing back only once to see the light beneath Minako's bedroom door. Then she turned and walked out of the apartment.

Soon she found herself at Tokyo international airport staring at the departure times and trying to decide where to go. She closed her eyes and randomly pointed a finger at a line on the screen. When she opened her eyes once more the words under her finger were. 'Pheonix Arizona' She smiled softly and moved toward the ticket counter.

"Looks like I'm going to America..." she muttered.

Shortly she had bought her ticket and was making her way onto the plane craning her neck trying to find a place to sit the plane was crammed with bodies. The typical over booking of most airports. A hand reached out and grabbed the strap to her purse causing her to jump almost a foot in the air.

"Easy babe..." a soft musical voice said with a laughing undertone.

Usagi turned to see a pretty young woman about her age, with short curly red hair and emerald green eyes staring at her over a pair of wire rimmed glasses, "sorry... you startled me," She said giggling nervously.

The girl smiled, " I didn't mean to I was just going to offer you a seat. You seemed to be slightly lost."

Usagi nodded gratefully and tucked her purse into the over head compartment before settling next to the girl, " Not lost... not anymore. Just starting over..."

The girl offered Usagi her hand smiling," The name is Ices, and it seems that we both need to start over. I'm actually going home to live with a friend."

Usagi smile and shook Ices' hand," Usagi... but most people call me Usa."

Ices smiled softly and settled the book she had been reading on her lap looking at the girl next to her, she did look like her namesake. A bunny...a very scared and lost bunny. She pushed the short curls that fell over her face back and grinned. " Well if you don't have a place to stay at in Arizona you're welcome to stay with Cel and I. The more the merrier. " She said a teasing light in her eyes

Usagi grinned shyly she wasn't used to people this open, it worried her but she liked the girl. " I would like that, but just until I find my way." She added quickly

"Sure... we all have to find our way at some point." Ices said before opening her book once more

Usagi agreed with Ices, everyone had to find there way. Here was hoping she could find hers....