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25 Minutes

Mystical Angel


Summary = Serena walked out of Darien's life a year ago. Now, after long hours of crying and depressed days, he decided to go look for her. Only to be sadly disappointed.

Disclaimer: This is a short story based off the song 25 Minutes by Michael Learns to Rock. For those of you who haven't heard it, it's this sweet song, I fell in love with just as soon as I sang it on my karaoke machine! hehe. If you would like to hear it, you can download it here: eng_man/


The sound of shattering glass echoed though the apartment. A lone figure, hidden in the shadows, leaned his head against the cold wall. His hands pounding the hard concrete over and over and over. Silent tears ran down his cheeks as he reminisced much happier memories in his life. Shards of glass decorated the floor he stood on, but he paid no mind to them as his body slowly gave up, and he drifted quietly to the ground. Pieces of glass cut into his flesh, blood ran down a straight line, dripping onto the floor, staining it in undescribably patterns.

"Why did I let her go!" his voice, tired and strained filled the silence that had occupied the room, "Why didn't I stop her!"

His voice cracked as the memory of a once beautiful angel came to his mind. Sobs wracked his body. And for hours nothing else could be heard. In time, the lone figure calmed down, though tears still streaked down his cheeks. He sat in a dark silence, nothing could affect him. Even when someone banged loudly on the door, he did not move.

"Darien! Darien where are you!" a blonde man yelled, as he pushed open the door, bursting into the dark apartment.

The man wore a worried face, as he looked upon his depressed friend, "Darien! Are you OK? Darien?"

The man tried desperately to bring his friend out of his silent state. He pleaded, cried, hugged, and everything else you would do for your best friend. But, no matter what he did, the lone figure sat still, staring silently ahead. It was as if he didn't exist, he was just a corpse, a lifeless figure, an object showing no emotion. It was as if he wanted to stop living, to drop everything and leave this world behind... forever.

"Darien! Come on! Pull yourself together man! Get your life back!" the blonde man said. Surprisingly it stirred something inside Darien, and for the first time that night, he turned his head and stared straight in his friend eyes.

"My life... Andrew... My life left a long time ago..." Darien said monotonously.

"If this is about Serena, Darien, get over it! Move on with your life. She's gone! Stop wallowing!" Andrew said.

"You don't understand Andrew. Serena was life, my love, my soul mate. And I let her walk away! I let her go, and your right! She's never coming back!"

"She wouldn't want you to act like this over her."

"But I do... And she's not here to stop me."

"Are you just going to stay in here till you die?!"

"That's the plan." Darien said quietly, his gaze dropping to the floor.

Andrew sarcastically laughed, slowly got up from his kneeling position, and walked over toward the door, "You know, the Darien I knew wouldn't have stayed home wallowing in self pity. He would have gone out and fixed his problem."

Andrew quickly left, frustrated with his friend. He banged the door shut on his way out, a sound that will forever echo though Darien's mind. A sound that reminds him of his loneliness, his failed love life, his angry friends. His life was going to hell fast, and he welcomed the dark embrace.


"Are you sure about this Darien?" asked a petite blonde girl to his right. She was wearing a black, form fitting dress, with stiletto black heels, with a gold chain accenting her tiny waist. Her massive blonde hair was done in a simple french twist, and her makeup was light. When Darien's first saw her, he thought of a fallen angel from heaven.

"We won't do this, if you don't want too." Darien said soothingly to her.

"I do... But..."

"But what honey?"

"I'm scared they won't like me. I mean, I am not one of your crowd... Are your parents going to accept me?"

"Serena, they will love you! And if they don't, screw them. It's their lost not to get to know you."

"All right. Let's go in now. We are late." Darien watched amused, as Serena took in a deep breath and stepped out of the car. He laughed silently, as he too stepped out of the car. He walked over to Serena's waiting form and wrapped his arm around her, gently leading her to the massive mansion.

Serena had always been worried about meeting his parents. You could say his parents were very wealthy, both of them having successful business careers. Problem was they both expected Darien to marry someone of their class. Unfortunately for them, Darien fell in love with Serena. Serena didn't exactly live the same life as Darien. She lived in the lower part of town. Her mother was constantly working just to put food on the table for the week, and her father was a drunk.

As they reached the mansion doors, it was pulled open by a butler, a gentleman dressed in the traditional black and white, graying old hair, but had twinkling blue eyes, that softened his face, and made him seem years younger. He waited for Darien and Serena to step into the house, before closing the door and turned to the couple.

"I have been waiting here for nearly ten minutes young master. I watched your car pull in, but I did not see you get out so quickly. I guess something good came up, heh?" the butler laughed heartily as he watched Serena's face turn a crimson red, and Darien smile mysteriously.

"Ah, this must be the young lady I have heard so much about." said the butler.

"Yes, Jared, this is Serena. Serena, this is Jared, our butler, and an old friend.

"Serena, it is good to meet you." Jared said.

"And you as well Jared."

"I must say, Darien did you no justice as he told me about you. You are much more beautiful then Darien actually said." Jared said, leaning closer to Serena, as if trying to block Darien out. Serena's angelic laughter rang through the room.

"Is that my darling son?" asked a high pitched voice. Serena turned to see, what she thought was Darien's mother. She was dressed in a black evening gown, and walked with an air of elegance.

"Mother. Good to see you." said Darien, forcing his face to smile.

"Oh, Darien. It has been so long. And this must be the special girl who has taken up so much of my Darien's time."

"Hello, Mrs. Shields. My name is Serena Harter." Serena said politely.

"Harter? I have not heard that family name. Have you just recently moved here?"

Serena hesitated. Mrs. Shields obviously thought Serena was from a wealthy family, "No Mrs. Shields. I live on 8th District."

"8th District?" Mrs. Shields said to herself over and over, her hand lightly touching her chin as she thought as to where it was located. Soon her face dropped, as she realized where Serena's home was.

"Mother, where is Father?" asked Darien, desperately wanting to change the topic of the conversation.

"Father? Oh! He is in the lounge with, you'll never guess who!" Mrs. Shields said excitedly.


"Raelene Dunner! You remember her right? You used to play with each other, when you were children."

"Ah, yes. Rae. Who could ever forget her." Darien said apprehensively. Serena remained silently, but timidly looked over at Darien in curiosity.

"Come now. They are probably waiting up for us." Mrs. Shields sang as she walked away from the couple.

"Raelene Dunner?" Serena asked, her curiosity taking the better of her.

"Yes, Mother was lying when she said we were childhood friends. More like childhood enemies. I couldn't stand the girl, and in turn, she couldn't stand me." Darien answered. Serena nodded her understanding. Darien gave her a quick smile before taking her arm, and leading her toward the lounge.

Upon their arrival, five faces turned toward them. Mrs. Shields was sitting next to a handsome man, who Serena guessed was Darien's father, considering they looked almost exactly alike. A young woman sat on the seat opposite of Darien's parents. She was a model of elegance, with her long black hair, and short maroon dress. She must be Raelene, thought Serena. To her side were two more people, who Serena guessed were Raelene's parents.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Dunner. Raelene."

"Hello Darien," replied the two elderly people, "It is good to see you again."

"Darien." Raelene answered with a curt nod. Serena stood motionless next to Darien, both afraid and confused as to what to do.

"Everyone. I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Serena." Darien said, wrapping his arm around her lithe body, and quickly pushing her forward.

"Hello." Serena said quietly. The people in the room did nothing but examine her. No one offered a simple hello. Darien shifted uncomfortably next to her, as her face turned a crimson red in embarrassment.

The evening seemed to go by very slow. The two wealthy families discussed many things that Serena had no clue about. Over dinner, she could tell that the two families have been friends for a long time. And by the way the two mothers at the table, flirted the son and daughter together, had wanted them to be a couple. An idea that made Serena shift uncomfortably in her seat. All though dinner, she concentrated more on her food, than anything else.

When dinner ended, the group of people migrated to the coffee room, where they all sat down, and continued their talk. And for the second time that night, Mrs. Shields directed her attention to Serena.

"So Serena, how long have you known my son?"

"About four months. We met at the store I work at."

"Oh really?" Mrs. Shields said, shocked, "I wonder what Darien was doing at a low level store as that."

Darien cast his eyes downward, his hand squeezing the couch cushion he was sitting on, in frustration, "Mother." he said with warning.

"Oh Darien, stop saying my name like that. Serena and I are just making conversation." Mrs. Shields said, brushing off her son's tone.

The conversation went on, though Darien was there to secretly lend Serena support. Although, unfortunately for her, Darien was called into the other room by his father. As he left, Mr. and Mrs. Dunner, and Raelene, all followed him. Effectively leaving Serena and Darien's mother in the room alone.

"I have got to ask you Serena." said Mrs. Shields mysteriously.


"What do you want with my son?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said, what do you want with my son? Is it money? Because the lord knows, you are one of those people, who need it."

"Mrs. Shields, I don't want your son's money." Serena said, disgusted that the woman suggested it.

"Then what is it girl? His body? If it is then, hurry and do what you want and leave him be. My son deserves more then a low class girl like you."

Serena quickly got up from her seat, "I love your son, Mrs. Shields, and there is nothing you can do about that."

Serena quickly walked to the adjoining room where Darien had gone. She peaked her head inside and something inside her cracked. She stared silently at the sight before her. Darien was sitting on a lounge chair, next to him was Raelene. She had her head thrown back, laughing at something Darien had said. Darien smiled and continued the conversation they were having.

"Look at them, Serena." said Mrs. Shields, standing behind the petite girl, "Tell me they do not look good together. They are the perfect couple. You cannot deny it."

Serena continued staring at the... couple. Mrs. Shields was right. She could not deny it. Raelene and Darien made a perfect couple. They've known each other since their childhood, their parents have been friends for a long time, they were both very wealthy. Raelene had a lot to offer Darien. What had she to offer him?

"You seem pretty quite." Darien said in the car, on his way back to Serena's house.

"I've been thinking."

"Mind telling me about what."

"Actually I do." Serena said coldly.

"God, sorry I asked." Darien said, quite offended.

The car ride was pretty quite from then on. The two people, sitting up front, paid no mind to each other as they drove down the winding roads. As they came to Serena's house, the anxiety in the car increased. Darien parked the car, and both people sat still uncomfortably.

"Look," said Darien, breaking the silence, "I'm sorry for whatever I did. Please, just look at me."

Serena ignored his request, and instead said, "It was nothing you did."

"Then why are you mad at me?!"

"I've been thinking..."

"What about?" Darien asked confused.

"Maybe we are just living a dream here."

"I don't understand..."

"Maybe... We should just be friends." Serena said. Silence filled the car once again.

"What are you saying?" Darien asked hoarsely. Serena slowly turned her head and looked at Darien. His heart broke as he saw unshed tears, glistening in her eyes.

"You deserve more then me." Serena said. She quickly opened her door and walked toward her house.

Darien sat in the driver's seat, dumbfounded and confused. He watched Serena's retreating form, as she disappeared into her house. He sat there for quite some time, before starting his car and driving off to his apartment.


Darien thought back at the memories. That was the last time he saw Serena. He had tried calling her the next day, but she didn't answer her phone. After a week he went to her house, only to have found that she had sold it and moved away. There was no trace of her anywhere, it was like as if she disappeared off of earth.

Darien was broken hearted and depressed from then on. When he told his parents what happened, his mother seemed overly happy. He expected she had something to do with that night Serena left him. He hadn't gone to visit his parents since, and instead stayed in his apartment.

The Darien I knew... He would have gone out and fixed his problem.... Andrew's words resounded through his mind. Darien came to the conclusion that he had to find Serena. He had to find her, and make her explain why she left him. He needed to know, plus, he needed to see her again. Though, there was one problem. He didn't have any idea where she could have gone.


Mina staggered tiredly to the door. Her blinds were open, letting the moonlight stream in, lighting her way. She lazily pulled her robe around her. As she walked by her kitchen, she quickly glanced at the clock ticking away.

"Whoever it is, I am going to kill them." Mina muttered under breath.

She opened the door to reveal a wild looking Darien. His hair was disheveled, along with his clothes. He had a wild determination in his eyes, and his face was deathly pale.

"Darien! What the hell! Do you know what time it is?! It's three in the morning! What the hell do you want?!" Mina yelled.

"Mina, where is Serena?"

"What!" Mina said shocked and frustrated.

"Where is Serena?"

"Why do you want to know?" Mina said, slightly calmer.

"I need to see her."

"Darien, it's been a year since you last saw her. Why are you here just now?"

"It took me awhile. Please Mina, just tell me where Serena is."

"What makes you think I would know?" Mina said, trying to act dumb.

"Mina! You're her sister! If you don't know, then I know I have lost her for good."

Mina sighed. It was too early in the morning for this. She stumbled away from her door, heading toward her kitchen where she a put coffee on the kettle. Darien followed her in though the open door. He impatiently sat down on the stool near the kitchen.

"Darien you look like hell. What have you been doing?"

"Let's see... Wallowing in self pity, and desperately trying to find your sister. Tell me where she is Mina, before I decide to kill you."

"Dear lord. Calm yourself Darien. Here," Mina said, placing a cup of coffee in front of him, "Maybe it will make you feel better."

Darien nodded his thanks, and calmed down. He leaned his elbows on the table, his hands cupping the mug in front of him. He stared intently at Mina as she fixed her self some coffee.

"OK, Darien. Why do you want to find Serena? I mean, its been a year. Aren't you over her yet?" Mina started.

"You can't get over the person you love Mina."

"But, why start looking for her now. I would have expected you the first month, but not now."

"When she left without an explanation, I just died. I stayed in my apartment, talked to no one. I was confused and depressed."

"Are you sure you want to find her?"

"Yes. Why are you asking me this? Why don't you just tell me?!"

"Darien, a lot has happened this past year. You might be surprised if you find Serena."

"Mina, just tell me where she is."

Mina bit on her bottom lip, contemplating on whether if she should or not, "All right."

"Thank you, Mina. Thank you."

"She went to go live with our grandmother in the country. She told you about her right?"

"Yes she did. Your grandmother took care of you and her when you two were young."

"That's where she is. But Darien, I'm warning you. Don't act out of order when you see her. Like I said, a lot of things have happened this past year."

"Thanks so much Mina."


"Serena, honey, what are you doing here?" asked an old woman. If she were years younger, she would have been the perfect image of Serena. Although now, her blonde hair had grayed, and she gained a couple of pounds here and there.

"Grandma, it's good to see you." Serena said smiling, taking the old woman into a bear hug.

"It is good to see you to Serena." She led her grand daughter into the house, "We have so much to catch up on my child. Tell me, has anything interesting happen in your life?"

Serena thought back to her time with Darien, "No, not really. Just plain, old, and boring." she lied.

"Oh really?" said the aging woman, "That's to bad. A lot of stuff has happened here. You remember Seiya Hunter. The young boy you used to play with."

"Yea, what about him?"

"Well he has come back after all these years."

"Seiya! Back! Since when did that old fart come back?"

"Old fart am I?" said a man's voice from behind Serena.

Serena turned around surprised to see her childhood friend. "Seiya!" she screamed, as she launched herself into his waiting arms.

Serena noticed he had changed since last she saw him. He wasn't the short, scrawny, teenage boy anymore. He had grown up considerably, and even had put on some muscle. Although his dark brown hair was still wild and crazy, and kept falling over his face, his eyes were still that amazing blue, and they still held that mysteriously twinkly.

"Serena, you look great!" Seiya said.

"You do too, Seiya. Wow. Its been such a long time. How was Japan?"

"Not as great as it is here. I missed the country. I don't think I will ever get used to Tokyo's busy streets."

"Home is where the heart is, right!" Serena said, laughing.

"So, tell me Serena," Seiya said, as they settled down in Serena's grandmother's kitchen, "Are there any guys in your life?"

"Well," Serena hesitated, "There was this one guy."

"Oh? What happened?"

"We aren't together anymore."

"Oh. Sorry about that. It's his lost though."

Serena looked down at Seiya's comment, her cheeks turning rosy pink. "So, what about you Seiya? Has a lady caught your heart yet?"

"Yea, actually someone has caught my heart."

"Oh really?" Serena screeched, "Who?!"

"This girl." Seiya said, amused.

"Do I know her?" Serena asked, prodding.

"Yes you do."

"Seiya! Who is it?!" Serena asked impatiently. Seiya just laughed heartily.

"You'll know in due time Serena." Seiya said, his eyes twinkling with mischief.


Darien drove his car down the country road. He left his life without telling anyone. After he left Mina's house, he checked his voice mail through his cell phone. Andrew had called him eleven times. Each call was frantic and worried. His friend's voice seemed strained and tired.

Darien would have to remember to call Andrew back later, but right now he had other things on his mind. He had to find Serena. Mina had said, be quick before things were too late. Darien didn't know what that meant, but he followed her advice any way. He didn't need too though, he would have been quick anyway.

Darien slowed his car down, as he approached the small country town. He parked it in front of a small diner, and got out. He took a good look at his surroundings. It was definitely different from the bustling city he was used too.

The air was cleaner, the roads weren't paved, the most cars he saw were two, and both were old pick up trucks, from the far away farms. Standing next to his silver jaguar, Darien seemed out of place. He caught many people's attention. No one was embarrassed to stare at him, as if he were some animal at the zoo.

Darien pulled his sunglasses over his eyes, and quickly walked into the diner. As he entered, the smell of fried food wafted to his nose, making him suddenly realize how hungry he was. He sat down at the stool in front of the counter, and waited for the waitress to walk over to him.

"What can I do for ya, hon?" said an elderly plump woman. Her hand held a small notebook and a pencil, waiting for Darien's order.

"I'll have the special of the day." Darien said. The waitress laughed, an amused look in her eyes.

"One hamburger coming up," she said, and walked away.

Darien looked at her dumbfounded. A hamburger was their special? But you could get that anywhere, he thought. Darien considered the way the woman laughed when he ordered, and decided it was probably some kind of inside joke he didn't understand.

Off in the distant Darien could hear church bells ring. He listened to the soft melody the bells played, as the waitress set his meal in front of him.

"The bells are beautiful."

"Yes they are." the woman said, "They only play this song when someone gets married. So you better enjoy it while you can."

Darien smiled wistfully. Today someone was getting married. If Serena hadn't left, he was sure they would have been married. Maybe even married today. He and Serena could have been that happy couple at the church right now.

Darien listened to the bells play their melody as he ate his lunch. After he was done eating, he would ask around about Serena. The town was quite small, so he thought, he would have no trouble finding her.


He looked every where for her. Although, not only did he not find her, he found no one else in the town, that he could ask about her. The whole town was silent, besides the soft melody of the church bells in the distant. Darien stopped for a while, and just listened to the beautiful song.

"This song will definitely play at my wedding." Darien muttered to himself.

He walked sluggishly along, his gaze watching his feet. Darien headed toward the church. Maybe the sight of the married couple would lift his spirits. Right now, he needed to be surrounded by happiness and love. The lord only knows what would happen if he wasn't.

As Darien neared the church, the bells rang louder, and he could hear many people's voices. "Wow. So, this is where the whole town is. This couple must be really popular."

Darien took in the sight of the many people dressed in their best. They walked around in a crowded group, talking happily amongst each other. There were many people here, and all seemed enjoyed about the wedding.

Darien could feel himself smiling. He hoped that this many people showed up at his wedding. He looked up at the entrance of the church, hoping to catch a glimpse of the newly weds. That's when his heart stopped. There she stood. The angel, the love of his life.

Serena stood at the top of the stairs, standing in front of the churches entrance. To her side was a handsome man. His arm was linked about her waste. She looked so happy in her wedding dress, accepting the many good praises from the people around her.

Darien stopped breathing as he watched her. And just as he thought he was about to die, Serena looked up and caught his gaze. Her happy expression wilted a bit, as she began to walk over to where he stood. Darien didn't move. He couldn't believe his eyes. Serena had married. She married a man... that wasn't him.

"Darien." she said curtly, as she approached his stilled form.

"Serena...." he said quietly, oblivious to the tears running down his cheeks.

"Darien, what are you doing here?" Serena asked politely.

"I... I... How could you?" Darien stuttered.

"I moved on Darien. You need to, too."

"But I... I... Love you."

"I'm sorry Darien, but you are twenty five minutes too late."

This time it wasn't Serena who walked away. It wasn't Darien who watched her retreating form. It was Serena. She watched as her heartbroken ex- boyfriend turned around and walked away. She watched as the tears poured from his eyes. She watched as he disappeared, possibly forever from her life.


The End

That's it. Not the ending you hoped for? Hehe, what do you think? Should I do a sequel? Email me: