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Updates - 4.22.03
Well we're in the process of moving to a new home with a new name, the new site can be found at Eclipsing Dawn the stories will be moved in the next day or so. And any stories that have been submitted since the last update will be able to be found at that site once i have time to code them and update. Sorry for the inconvinance email me Here if you have any questions.

Thank you

Updates - 4.7.03
WoW its been a while since i updated ^^; anyway we have one new author Please welcome Mystical Angel also Kija's story has been moved to the library and we have a couple updates
New Stories
Bad Girls don't Die Chapters 2-3 By: Ices

25 Minutes by: Mystical Angel

both of these updates can be found in the New Stories Section

Updates - 3.6.03
Okay we have a new Author ^^ woo there's two of us now.-claps- Anyway I also have a new Sister site even if the links not up in the links section please go check out Silvery Roses
New Stories
Renewed Love By:Kija
Updates - 3.1.03
I have changed the layout because I didn't like the old one. This one is VERY orange as you can see. The image was found at
New Stories
Bad Girls Don't Die (Prolouge-Chapter one)
Updates - 2.24.03
Okay all the links are working except for Past Layouts since this is the first layout for Hearts a Flame I will have the stories up later that were on Ice's Archive. Seeing that its almost 6am and I have work I'll do it later ^^